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Magic Platform Bed Frame AssemblyUpdated 6 months ago

Magic Platform Bed Frame - Assembly

While it is possible to assemble this bed frame with a manual screwdriver, it will be much easier if you use an electric or cordless screwdriver. You will need a square #2 Robertson bit - which is usually red.

The Magic Platform Bedframe has 10 numbered parts indicated with a pencil number on each part. To assemble, please follow the sequence of the numbered parts.

  1. Find pieces #1 and #2 (legs)

  2. Find #3 and #4 (side rails)

  3. Lay them on top of the legs - matching the coloured dots (colour dot on the side rail to match the same colour dot on the legs).

  4. Position the leg between the outside pencil lines on the rails.

  5. Tighten the screws on all four corners, while ensuring that the rail sits flush against the leg.

  6. Find #5 (centre leg)

  7. Slide #5 under the rails and position it between the outside pencil lines on the rails.

  8. Tighten the screws on #5, and ensure that the rail sits flush against the leg. You may need to press down on the rail and squeeze it against the leg while screwing it in.

  9. Find #6 (centre rail). Twin and Twin XL frames do not include this piece.

  10. Lay it across the centre of the legs - and line up with the pencil lines on the legs and on the rail.

  11. Tighten the 3 screws

  12. Find #7 and #8 (rounded end slats).

  13. Position them so that the rounded corners are on the outside corners of the bed and that the arrows are just covered by the slat.

  14. Use the screws provided to attach (3 screws for each slat set is usually enough - use black pilot holes).

  15. Find #9 and #10 (middle slats).

  16. Position so the arrows are just covered by the slats (the distance between the slats is about 2 inches).

  17. Visually check that the slats are spaced equally and that they line all up.

  18. Attach the middle slats (3 screws for each set of slats is usually enough, use black pilot holes)

We have included a few extra screws in case they are needed.

Please contact us if you have any questions or require assistance.

[email protected] | 1-844-855-7378, ext 2

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