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Kakun Mattress AssemblyUpdated a year ago

Your Kakūn mattress(previously Irusu) is easy to assemble at home. View the video below for a step-by-step guide…

  1. Your mattress will come packed in 2-4, easy to move boxes. Inside, each component will be sealed tightly in plastic.
  2. Remove the layers from their boxes, and use the cutting tool provided to unwrap them. Each layer’s firmness will be clearly labelled on the bottom left corner.
  3. Begin assembling by unrolling and laying out the mattress casing on top of your bed frame or foundation.
  4. We recommend placing the end of the casing without a zipper against the wall so you have easy access to open and close the zipper from the foot of the bed.
  5. Open the zipper completely and fold the top piece of the casing out of the way.
  6. Ensure the bottom of the casing is stretched to meet each corner and pulled taut.
  7. Place your bottom layer(s) on the casing, and center the layers so that they are lined up with the casing’s inner seam on all four sides. Latex is flexible and can stretch and contract a little with movement so a gentle push or pull to line up the layer(s) works well.
  8. Once your bottom layer(s) are set in place, add the middle layer(s). Repeat the gentle tucking and centering process, so the middle layers are lined up evenly.
  9. Lay out your top layer. Center it on top of the other stacked layers.
  10. Before closing the casing, check that all layers are even on the sides and ends.
  11. Pull the top of the casing up and over, take a moment to ensure that the top inner seam matches up with the edge of the top layer.
  12. While you zip up the casing, hold together the zipper to make it easier. Zip both sides together to meet at the foot of the mattress.
  13. Sleep well and enjoy your first night (or nap) on your new mattress!

We welcome you to connect with us for any further guidance, we are always happy to lend a hand. 

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