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Customizing Your Kakun Latex PillowUpdated a year ago

Follow the steps below to personalize the loft and firmness of your pillow to your liking...

You’ll need:                

  • The bag your pillow or body pillow arrived in
  • A basket or bucket (insert the bag into the basket to hold it open)
  • A vacuum cleaner (in case some spills out)

Steps to help you remove shredded latex from your pillow to adjust the height:

  • Open up the outer protective cover of the pillow and pull it halfway down the pillow
  • Hold the pillow with the opening side upward
  • Before opening the inner pillow cover, shake the pillow to move the fill down and away from the top opening of the pillow
  • Open the zipper. If latex gets caught in the zipper, gently pick it out with your fingertips.
  • Tip your pillow into the bag and pour out as much latex as needed.
  • While still over the bag, sweep excess latex bits off of the cover and zipper area
  • Zip back up - sweep excess off of the outer area with fingertips
  • Fluff and shape the pillow to your needs

Steps to help you add extra shredded latex back into your pillow to adjust the height:

  • Use a paper bag, grocery size or similar, and pour some latex into it
  • Fold and roll the opening of the bag to close it about ¾ of the way, leaving ¼ of the top open, having created a hole at one end
  • Place the pillow on a chair, hold it open with one hand (or have someone help hold it open)
  • Pour the latex into the opening, shaking gently and slowly to prevent it from spilling out
  • Fluff and shape the pillow to your needs

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