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Caring For Your Wool TopperUpdated a year ago

Everyday care

Wool loves to breathe. Consider unmaking your bed in the morning to allow any moisture to evaporate. Sunning your mattress topper a few times a year is also great for keeping it refreshed. Indoors, just open the curtains and let the rays in. You can also take your mattress topper outside to soak up the sun and fresh air.


Flip and rotate your topper regularly for even wear and increased longevity of the fibres. 


Your topper is spot clean only. Use a mild soap, some cold water, and let air dry. For tougher stains or soiling, soak the affected area with hydrogen peroxide (note, peroxide may cause lightening of the fabric). As the area dries, you’ll see stains lift and disappear. Tougher stains may require repeat applications. For larger areas, place the stained portion in a sink or tub, apply a biodegradable detergent, and run water through the soiled area. Drape or line dry in the sun or warm place. You can also place the soaked area between two towels and press the excess moisture out. Do not wring or machine dry.

Your Wool Mattress Topper is not machine washable and we do not recommend dry cleaning.

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