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Caring For Your Latex TopperUpdated a year ago

Everyday Care

Latex is resilient, so there is very little you need to do to keep your latex topper in top condition. 

  • Flip and rotate your topper regularly
  • Use a washable cotton or wool protector to keep your topper clean and free of impurities
  • Avoid exposing your topper to direct sunlight or high heat
  • Allow the topper to breathe
  • Gently spot clean as per instructions if necessary

Flipping and Rotating

Flip and rotate your topper regularly for even wear and increased longevity. It is recommended that you do this once a month.


Your topper is spot clean only. Use mild soap, a little bit of cold water, and a cotton or microfibre cloth. Air dry in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. 

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